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Release date: 
December 16, 2014
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Outside In - Single

Both Graham Walsh and Julie Fader are known best for their work with Canadian indie acts; the former a founding member of Holy Fuck and producer to Metz and Hannah Georgas, and the latter a former member of Great Lake Swimmers and occasional guest vocalist for the likes of Blue Rodeo and Chad Van Gaalen. The domestic partners have formed a new musical partnership as electro-pop duo Etiquette. The band’s first slow-burner single, “Outside In” shares the same name as Fader’s 2009 indie folk solo record, but differs considerably stylistically, opting for ethereal synths, and a minimalist electro ‘80s-influenced sheen.

“Outside In” is the first glimpse of their forthcoming LP, Reminiscence, due February 24, 2015 through Hand Drawn Dracula.