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Release date: 
April 7, 2015
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Pacific Milk

The release of the first single, "Dopamine", back in January confirmed that Limblifter were right back in the form that made them Canrock faves well over a decade ago. Their fourth studio album, Pacific Milk is their first in 11 years, and it was produced by mainman/vocalist Ryan Dahle at recRoom and Greenhouse Studios in East Vancouver. Dahle has been in demand as a producer for the likes of Hot Hot Heat and k-os, and he's also one-third of cool super-trio Mounties. Great to hear him back at the helm of his own band, dishing up melodic and hooky rock 'n roll with enough quirky touches to keep you captivated.

The band recently finished up a six-date Canadian tour, but will hopefully be back on the road again in the coming months.