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Release date: 
September 15, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Alternative
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Pagans in Vegas

“Do you miss me, baby?” Emily Haines asks on “Fortunes”, one of the finer tracks off Metric’s sixth full-length Pagans in Vegas. The question was never intended to be posed towards her audience, but we’ll answer it anyways – yes, we’ve missed you. Three years on from the release of Synthetica, and the band’s absence was certainly felt, even with the long radio life of “Breathing Underwater”, and a slew of imitators trying to stake the same territory in the indie synth-pop game (but not doing it as effectively). Meanwhile, Metric’s profile has only continued to rise, with global-spanning tours, notable placements (the Toronto Blue Jays chose “Stadium Love” as their anthem), and the closing in of 1 million fans of Facebook. The new album though, Pagans, isn’t wildly different from anything we’ve heard from this band before – a neon-glowing shimmering sheen, powerful hooks, and Haines’ charming coo, with even fewer of the engaging, unpredictable turns displayed on Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? than ever. But the package is solid, and will warrant repeat spins. News of a fast follow-up album due next year recorded with “no instruments made after 1970” has us excited too, if only to see what the band is capable of without any electro instrumentation.