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August 4, 2015
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Play No Good
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Veteran rock songstress Betty Moon is now based in Los Angeles, after an interesting career north of the border. Back in the late '80s she was known as Bambi (anyone remember the hit cover of "Rock On"?), and last year's full-length Amourphous showed her vocal chops remain sharp. She now returns with another strong outing in Pantomania, her seventh album as Betty Moon. Her new single off the album is a fresh remake of Depeche Mode's "No Good", and a version of Stones classic "Gimmie Shelter" confirms her eclectic tastes, while her original compositions are equally effective (we dig "Temple Diablo especially). Moon music has been featured in such hit TV shows as Californication, Dexter, and The Walking Dead. She is a popular performer on the L.A. rock scene and we're hoping for Canadian dates in the future.