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March 18, 2014
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Paper the House - Single

Well it’s about time; punk champions Fucked Up have teased the upcoming album Glass Boys for quite a while, and have finally shared the first anthemic single, “Paper the House”. Damian “Pink Eyes” Abraham has never sounded so thunderous and bold, his growl clashing against the considerably less aggressive three-guitar textures. This isn’t a reinvention. What worked on the operatic and possibly career-highmark David Comes to Life (arguably more solid and inventive than the Polaris-winning The Chemistry of Common Life) still works to great effect, but this go-around it’s less concept and more personal. Stream it here and download it for free here. Spin it repeatedly until the release of Glass Boys on June 3, when you’ll have even more to scream along with.  

Fucked Up play the Lawnya Vawnya Festival in St John's NFLD April 27 and the Arts & Crafts Field Trip Festival June 8 in Toronto.