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Release date: 
November 10, 2015
Total songs: 
Play Paradise (feat. Badbadnotgood & Sean Leon)
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Paradise (feat. BADBADNOTGOOD & Sean Leon) - Single

When Billboard states that an artist is “bound to break out”, it’s probably worth placing bets as not if it will happen, but when, and to what magnitude. Such is the case with newcomer Daniel Caeasar, the 19-year old R&B/new soul singer who attracted attention with last year’s gospel-melding EP Praise Break. He returns now with a new track, “Paradise”, that nearly outclasses genre heavyweight Frank Ocean. A smoldering falsetto and soulful hooks owe more to R&B luminaries than to contemporaries (think Gaye over The Weeknd), and the guest stars, jazz-meets-hip hop trio BadBadNotGood on instrumentation and rapper Sean Leon on the bridge/break, are there to highlight the star, rather than overshadow him. In less than two weeks, the single has amassed over 70k streams on Soundcloud. It will appear on a new seven-track EP, Pilgrim’s Paradise (due later this week) which should assist that stream count to rise.