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Release date: 
September 1, 2015
Total songs: 
Reggae, International
Play Show Privado (feat. Black Jonas Point & Jowell)
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Paraiso Nocturno

Panamanian-born, Mississauga-based Fito Blanko may be a new name to most, but he's made a real mark in the Latin music community over the past decade, beginning with his 2004 major-label debut, Higher Level. He has an eclectic style that has been termed reggaeton, but he has also drawn on soca, Latin pop and hiphop elements and collaborated with the likes of Beenie Man, Darryl Riley and Kardinal Offishall. He earned a Latin Grammy nomination and a BMI Award of Excellence for 2013 hit "Pegadito Suavecito" and his career surged further when his 2013 single "Meneo" was featured in the hit movie and soundtrack Furious 7, with its video clip notching three million hits. Blanko is now signed to Pitbull's label, Mr. 305, and he was recently active as a Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games Ambassador and performer. New album Paraiso Nocturno seems destined to further boost his profile. It represents a shift to mellower terrain than his previous high-energy work, and he dubs his new sound reggaerotica.

He launched the album at a media event in Toronto earlier this week, one that we thoroughly enjoyed (mojitos, paella and a fine short set). Toronto and western dates will be announced shortly, and he'll be playing shows in central America soon.