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June 23, 2015
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Party's Over

Punk rock ruffians Brews Willis (great name) dished up their third full-length album Party's Over a few months back, but it's emergence as a vinyl release this week merits attention. It's a hard-hitting yet very humorous platter that captures the energy of their rather infamous live shows. The righteously raunchy title track single is a good place to start checking out the BW charm. The album was recorded to analog tape by Andrew Schubert (Neighbourhood Brats, Pangea) at Cali Mucho studios in Los Angeles, with mixing done at the legendary Mix LA (Green Day, Rise Against) and in Hamilton by Matt Gauthier at Attic Sound. The band's first album, 2011's Nerped by a Zircon, was produced by Ben Cook of Fucked Up. This party is far from over.