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May 5, 2015
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Play Boyfriend Material
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You want eclectic? How about this for a hybrid sound then? Acclaimed Montreal musician Socalled (Josh Dolgin) describes his sound as a mix of "soul, rigodon, cabaret, jazz-fusion, klezmer and electro with a universal pop core". That may sound confusing, but the sounds on his new album Peoplewatching are super-charming. The impressive castlist of collaborators featured include James Brown/Parliament-Funkadelic trombone player Fred Wesley, jazz great Oliver Jones, and dancehall reggae act Josey Wales. The album also features Socalled's first-ever entirely solo song, "Fire on Hutchison St.". One of the most fun records of the year. Interesting trivia note: In 2012 the NFB produced a documentary film on Dolgin, The Socalled Movie.

Socalled plays Le Cercle in Quebec City on May 8 and Montreal's Fairmount Theater on May 14.
He then plays dates in Europe, appears at Toronto's Luminato festival on June 24, and has other North American fest gigs skedded. Check his site for details.