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Release date: 
March 26, 2014
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Perfectly Sane - Single

Vancouver based label Light Organ Records just announced their latest signing, rock unit The Mohrs. The band is fronted by beguiling lead singer Jackie Mohr and guitarist Marc Giradin, who made waves across the prairies together in their former band, Living in Red. Now based in Toronto, The Mohrs caught the attention of vet Hawksley Workman. He’s signed on as the band’s producer and mentor, guiding the young quartet towards their desired ‘90s grunge/’80s rock vibe. With an as-of-yet unnamed 2014 album on the way, the band has released first pop-punk single “Perfectly Sane”. It’s a tightly constructed power-chord driven track, and would have fit in just fine on rock radio back when every other band had a number in their name.

Catch The Mohrs' showcase set during CMW on May 8 at Lee’s Palace in Toronto.