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Release date: 
April 29, 2014
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Play No Excuse
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Phantom Vibrate - EP

Only a few years into it and young Montreal producer Jacques Greene has quickly stood out from the rest of his peers. He’s built quite the reputation as a go-to-remixer (a standout on Radiohead’s King of Limbs remix album!) and for his unique and seamless blend of R&B and house. He continues to get smoother and smoother with each new track and remix, and the new three-track EP Phantom Vibrate is no exception. Opener “No Excuse”, even with an uptempo rhythm and jumpy cuts, manages to come off as sultry rather than overly energetic. Even “Night Tracking”, the closest to four-on-the-floor fist-bumping material, is surprisingly tender. He’s crafted intelligent EDM that aims for the heart over the feet.

Catch Jacques Greene spinning the new tunes live in Vancouver May 29 at the Fortune Sound Club.