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Release date: 
November 25, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Never Get Lost (with Squalloscope & Love Cult)

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Pick a Piper/Squalloscope/Love Cult - EP

With Caribou’s knockout full-length Our Love already making Best of 2014 lists, more attention might rightfully come to drummer Brad Weber’s psychedelic side-project, Pick a Piper. The latter act’s just released an international collaborative EP with Austria’s Squalloscope and Russia’s Love Cult. The trippy lead single “Never Get Lost” and hazy b-side “Ruin” are the product of the NYC-based Red Bull Music Academy sessions the songwriters all took part in and comprise the 7” vinyl, while the digital package includes an additional solo track from all three acts. Pick a Piper’s hyper-rhythmic contribution, “Fluency”, has us especially looking forward to a potential late 2015 sophomore album.

Pick a Piper/Squalloscope/Love Cult was mastered by Francesco Donadello (Thom Yorke, Moderat), comes packaged in a screen-printed design by fellow Red Bull Academy album Anya Kuts, and is limited to 300 copies (and comes with a download of the digital EP).

Brad Weber is currently on a world tour with Caribou. The only Canadian date remaining is in Vancouver on March 5  at the Commodore Ballroom.