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September 9, 2014
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Play Way to be Loved
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Picture You Staring

Montreal quartet TOPS write pop songs for a lost era. Case in point, their new sophomore disc Picture You Staring, which manages to feel like a collection of singles that inexplicably never charted on AM pop radio. Each track has a floating, ethereal quality to it, a quality gained from gentle synth textures and lead singer Jane Penny’s warm coos and softspoken delivery. Critics will point out the song-sameness-syndrome, but Picture You Staring actually benefits from having a unified sheen from track to track, ultimately succeeding in emitting a dreamlike, low-key vibe. Gorgeous throughout – the right album to usher autumn in with.

Live dates include Toronto on October 14 at the Silver Dollar, and hometown gigs in Montreal September 19th at Sala Rossa and October 15 at Divan Orange. Details at tttopsss.com