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Release date: 
February 24, 2015
Total songs: 
Play Bubble

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Play for Keeps

The pride of Keswick, ON, rock 'n rollers The Elwins play the type of hook-filled and slightly quirky indie rock that's sure to appeal to Tokyo Police Club, Strokes and Born Ruffians fans. New full-length Play For Keeps  (the follow-up to their enthusiastically-received 2012 debut And I Thank You) was produced by Derek Hoffman, with mixing by the now-ubiquitous team of Gus Van Go and Werner F. (Whitehorse, The Stills), and there is a slicker production sound here than on the debut. To celebrate the album release, the band have launched a custom song series for their fans and a Canada Post stamp featuring the album artwork. Both can be ordered at their online store

The band have just begun a three months-plus tour that includes North America, Europe and Asia, beginning with Canadian dates (now until March 14). For their itinerary, go here