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Release date: 
July 22, 2014
Total songs: 
Play This Time Around

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Pleased To Meet You

PerlHaze is a dynamic new acoustic duo comprising Sophia Perlman and Terra Hazelton, two singers who are popular fixtures on the T.O. jazz circuit as solo artists. They're also versatile instrumentalists, as is showcased on their debut EP together, Pleased To Meet You. They handled all the arranging and producing too, making it a genuine duo record. It features five strong original tunes covering rootsy terrain, not just jazz. The impeccable vocal harmonies are an aural treat. News that they'll return to the studio in the fall to record a full album is welcome.

PerlHaze are about to set out on their first national tour, with plenty of August dates in Alberta and BC, finishing with a hometown show at Monarch's on Sept. 9