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Release date: 
November 25, 2015
Total songs: 
Play The Yellow Guitar (A Guitarra Amarela)

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Plugged In

No, this Galen Weston is not the supermarket magnate of the same name. Apparently they're not related, and the GW we're discussing is a very skilled jazz-rock guitarist who has just released a strong debut album, Plugged In. Weston shows himself here to be a versatile composer as well, with 10 original tunes nestling alongside covers of Keith Jarrett and Jimmy Van Huesen compositions, while musical influences audible range from Eric Johnson to Pat Metheny and Steve Vai. Assisting his cause is an elite group of T.O. players including Richard Underhill (Shuffle Demons), Rick Lazar, David Woodhead, Al Cross, and Matt Horner, as well as a guest appearance from vocalist Lenka Lichtenberg. It was produced in Weston’s own Rose Room Recording Studio by Jim Zolis. Weston notes that “Plugged In represents a two-year journey of writing and recording across a vast musical territory. It’s a sonic and personal exploration with my Yellow Stratocaster, ES-335 and other instruments." A record well worth plugging.

We caught Weston and his ace band launching the album at Tattoo in Toronto earlier this week. Upcoming gigs include The Boathouse in Kitchener (Dec. 2), Rainbow Bistro in Ottawa (Jan. 7), and The Nest in Toronto (Jan. 27).