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Release date: 
March 24, 2015
Total songs: 
Dance/Electronic, Hip Hop/Rap
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Hiphop meets electro meets dance in the spiritedly mashed-up sound of Ain't No Love, as can be heard on their new EP Plummet. The vocals of Saidah mix neatly with the raps of 1990 and Beanz, and the beats and production are first-rate. Producers contributing here are Birthday Boy, Avenue, Rich Kidd, Nightizm, and Australian Cam Bluff (Hilltop Hoods). Helping spread the word is an artfully shot 10 minute film by award-winning director/photographer Indrani Pal-Chadhuri that features music from all six cuts. The band previously made some noise with 2013 EP Tears Of Joy and singles "Champion Babylon" and "Gone Already".