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September 23, 2014
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Popular Problems

Not many singers/songwriters enjoy their most commercial success in their '70s, but our beloved bard, Leonard Cohen, is a striking exception. He plays to huge sell-out audiences around the globe (he has 2.1 million FB fans), yet still comes up with highly credible new recordings. To these ears, Popular Problems (released two days after LC turned 80!) is one of his strongest albums in quite some time. Producer and co-writer Patrick Leonard (Madonna) tones down the synths that have marred some LC records, giving the man's authoritative voice and eloquent songs room to breathe. Female backing vocals, violin and keyboards add depth to the material. The fact that he can still convey a sense of eroticism, as on "Slow", is also highly impressive. Nice Problems to have, this one. National treasure? No, he's an international gem.