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March 31, 2015
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Portraits - Single

There's already a lot of interest in Roll Up the Night Sky, the upcoming third album from folk songstress Dana Sipos. It'll surface on noted U.S. label Muddy Roots Music Recordings on April 30, but a preview track, "Portraits", has just come out. It's a fine representation of her ethereal chamber/baroque-folk sound. Sipos has explained "I wrote it during my residency at the Banff Centre when the snow started to fly", and there's a fitting wintry feel to the haunting song. The album was produced by Jordy Walker (Whitehorse) in the Montreal home studio of Arcade Fire member Richard Reed Parry. Notable guests featured include Michael Feuerstack, John Tielli, and Pietro Amato (Bell Orchestre), so you can expect impeccable musicianship.

Sipos reportedly made a splash at Folk Alliance. She has seven dates in Ontario and Quebec in April and May (including Musideum in Toronto on April 30), followed by four U.S. shows. Check her site for a full list.