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September 23, 2014
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Proof of Life

Charlottetown band Coyote formed in 2011 and made friends with debut album Tracks, which earned them four Music PEI Award nominations, including Album of the Year. At East Coast Music Week 2013 Coyote was awarded the first ever People's Choice Rising Star Award and they recently released a follow-up mini-album Proof of Life. This is accessible and melodic pop-rock fare with a hint of the '80s in there, via the keyboard sounds. The EP was recorded crisply by Colin Buchanan (Paper Lions).

Coyote have been howling their way across Canada on a tour that closes out with East Coast gigs in Fredericton (The Capital, Sept. 26), Springhill (Sociables BBQ, Sept. 27), Halifax (Seahorse Tavern, Sept. 27) and Mount Stewart PE (Trailside Cafe Sept. 28).