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Release date: 
October 30, 2012
Total songs: 
Play Walk Like a Giant

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Psychedelic Pill

2012 was undeniably a strong year for the aging rocker. First, Americana reuniting him with Crazy Horse on an album of trad folk themes and on a supporting tour, then the release of his career-spanning autobiography Waging Heavy Peace,  and now Psychedelic Pill-- a sprawling, unruly, combustable and yet compelling sounding album that finds NY and Crazy Horse back in their old glory. The twofer includes eight tracks with plenty of mind-altering guitar jams underlined with the already much talked about 27-minute kick-starter,  “Driftin Back", and earlier single - “Walk Like a Giant”. The playing is loose, even sloppy at times and acted out with enough energy to raise a barn. As with the book, this album could have used an edit. Handily, individual tracks are available through iTunes and come sweetened with a music video constructed from archival footage featuring ‘30s swing dancing, Einstein and Dylan performances.