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Release date: 
June 30, 2015
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Alternative, Dance/Electronic
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Public Panic

It is common for established artists in the pop-rock field to later turn to writing for film, but Steph Copeland has taken the reverse route. She has been recognized as a talented composer for film via scores to such movies as Anti Social and The Drownsman, but the classically-trained vocalist now ventures into the electro-pop realm as a solo artist with her debut album Public Panic. Produced, engineered and mixed by Matthew Rideout (Yellow Wood), it was solely written by Copeland. It is lushly-arranged and atmospheric, and tunes vary from keyboards-driven ballads to more aggressive and darker pieces. In a press release, Copeland explains that "Public Panic is about duality, an alter ego and a world that is barraging you to consume and how that plays into the neurosis. It's also rich with love and a sort of healing". A highly promising debut.

Copeland has previously performed under the name Perilelle. She recently completed a residency at Voodoo Child in Toronto. Check her site for upcoming gigs.