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Release date: 
July 14, 2015
Total songs: 
Play Escaping Alive

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Punk Explosion/Extension

Those who (like us) found Renny Wilson's 2013 album Sugarglider to be a slinky sweet disco-fied pop treat will likely be real surprised at the sound of his new project, Renny Wilson Punk Explosion. As the title suggests, it focuses on snappy and primal punk songs with very basic production and quirky twists (Wilson played everything on the album). The genre is not new to Wilson, who played in Edmonton punk band the Subatomics a decade ago. The RWPE debut album, Punk Explosion/Extension, is now available on vinyl, boasting some more cuts than on its original digital release. A wacky cover of Foreigner hit "Juke Box Hero" will induce a chuckle. The multi-faceted Wilson also plays in Faith Healer with Michael Rault and is a skilled producer/engineer.

Wilson plays Wunderbar in Edmonton on July 17.