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Release date: 
June 30, 2015
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Punks Grown Up - Single

New band Silver Matter describe themselves as "four human friends from Vancouver who play noisy dream pop". That tag certainly fits the sound of a brand new song, "Punks Grown Up", one that we're digging big time. It has a hazy shoegaze feel and some smart lyrics that reflect on the inevitable compromises that come from adulthood (sample: "I'm not hopping trains now, I'm on the daily commute"). Two members of SM (Rory McClure and Andrew Dergousoff) are also in Shimmering Stars, whose like-minded 2014 album Bedrooms of the Nation was one we loved. SS are on something of a hiatus now, so news that Silver Matter have an EP planned for fall release is very welcome.

The band has just started gigging and they played Vancouver's Railway Club last week. They've informed us that more gigs are pending.