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November 17, 2015
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Justin Bieber has a good fucking team behind him. After a tumultuous (and unfortunately for him, well-documented) couple of years, a lot of work has gone into re-inventing his image – as someone less bratty, more relatable, and socially responsible. Read: it became time for him to actually grow up. His just released fourth full-length, Purpose, is intended to reposition him in the public eye as an adult, much like Justin Timberlake successfully did with Justified 13 years ago. There might not be a “Cry Me a River” among the set, but it certainly tries to reach those peaks; the production and hook-driven songwriting is absolutely world class, everything shimmers brightly, and his breathy vocal performance is flawless (you can probably thank Auto-tune and his team again for that, but still). Billboard is already reporting that he’s topped the Artist 100, knocking out Adele from the top spot, and that Purpose is on track to be his sixth #1