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December 9, 2014
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push pull - Single

Purity Ring’s 2012 debut Shrines was easily one of the breakout hits of the year, confidently nabbing the #1 spot on iTunes’ electronic chart, and catapulting the duo into indie stardom. But after a sizable tour, and some collabs with Jon Hopkins and Danny Brown, not much has been heard since. The act’s non-traditional long-distance songwriting process, with producer Corin Roddick crafting beats in Montreal and Megan James adding melodies in Halifax, basically dictated a continual back-and-forth, making a follow-up to the record a long process. Thankfully, the wait for new material is over – they just shared a new single online, “Push Pull”, the first cut from a forthcoming record. It’s a step forward from the (already) future-pop sound they honed with Shrines; less distant and chilly, more romantic lyrically, and lush with the dreamlike synths and overall production.

Follow the band on Twitter for updates on the upcoming record (title and date TBD).