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April 7, 2014
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Quarterback - Single

After a decade of performing (before the age of 20!) and a “Rising Star” win at the Canadian Country Music Awards, it’s safe to say Kira Isabella is past the up-and-comer stage in her career, and is now gunning for success south of the border. New single “Quarterback” could be the song to crack big Country charts. It’s a controversial and haunting account of innocence lost while simultaneously addressing a growing problem for teens living in the age of social media. “She always heard that a girl's first time /is a memory she’ll never forget /she found out the hard way about love /when she saw those pictures on the internet”, sings Isabella, tackling a challenging subject as a seasoned pro songwriter. First-rate storytelling. The sophomore album’s currently in the works but still a ways off; look for a music video to “Quarterback” to be released in the next couple weeks.