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Release date: 
September 22, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Folk
Play House of Mirrors

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Quiet Energies

The third album from folk-inflected rock combo Evening Hymns, Quiet Energies is a somewhat more upbeat album than previous offering, 2012's Spectral Dusk, a record built around grief (the death of mainman Jonas Bonnetta's father). Citing Tom Petty as an influence this time around, Bonnetta terms the new one "a road trip album. A driving album". "House of Mirrors" and "All My Life I Have Been Running" are good examples of that. The group again worked with producer James Bunton (Ohbijou, Diamond Rings) in Bonnetta's rural Ontario studio, and there is a vibrant and dynamic feel to the sound.

Evening Hymns are currently out on tour with Hayden (a great match). They play on September 25 at Capitol Music Club in Saskatoon and on Sept. 26 at West End Cultural Centre in Winnipeg.