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Release date: 
August 26, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Into the West

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Quiet Town

A prolific rootsy singer/songwriter, Deni Gauthier decided to use a producer for the first time in his career for new album Quiet Town. "This is my first real effort to step up to the plate and create something I could have never done on my own," he notes. He chose well, as the production work of Andre Wahl (Jill Barber, Hawksley Workman) is first-rate. Working in an old brick schoolhouse, the pair create an appealingly intimate sound, built around Gauthier's warm vocals and neatly-crafted songs. They add adventurous and subtle touches, like the theremin and backing vocals that add atmosphere to the lovely opening track and first single, "Into The West". A major talent worthy of greater exposure.

Upcoming shows include a house concert (in his own home!) in St. Thomas with the excellent Shannon Lyon on Sept. 12, Muskoka Sound Festival (Sept. 13), and MCC In The Park in Huntsville, ON, on Sept. 14.