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July 28, 2015
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Radiance and Submission

Prolific and acclaimed sonic adventurer CFCF (Michael Silver) broadened his electronica-based sound by including vocals, live drums and guitar on 2013 full-length Outside. He continues on this more organic path on fine new album Radiance and Submission. A press release describes it as "a record that celebrates the ephemeral. It is the sound of eternal flux, the joyous crash from life to death and back again, endlessly returning." A grand claim, but one justified by the heady music and evocative vocals within. Reference points would include the work linked to the ECM and Windham Hill labels. A major talent.

Silver has already announced plans for another new album, The Colours of Life. A 41-minute long piece, it will be released in cassette and digital formats on August 14. CFCF plays Echoplex in L.A. on Aug. 13.