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May 29, 2012
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Raven Singer

His first album of new material in four years, the 78 year-old Tyson joins Lightfoot and Cohen in continuing to record and perform with a voice that has had to adapt to the ageing process.  Another in a long list of Tyson albums on the Edmonton-based Stony Plain Records, Raven Singer ropes the listener in with a storybook about life real and imagined,  the songs peppered with characters as bleak and grey as Dan McGrew and as colourful as Cat Ballou--and always that hand sketched geography that's as vivid as any described by Zane Grey. Veniality, hurt, survivors and mean spirited women are the grist for the songs, and the trio playing with Tyson perfectly counterpoints a voice that is both as tough and as comfortable as worn saddle leather. If one is a fan, then this is a collection of songs one is going to want to own. In all likelyhood this is the last collection of new material we are going to get from Tyson. He's got to be close to kicking back, hanging up his spurs.and settling down to the quiet life.

David Farrell