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Release date: 
October 21, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Tune for Fraser
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Buffalo-born composer/pianist/bandleader Diane Roblin has long been active on the T.O. scene (she even performed with Rough Trade!). She is known for her improvizational skills as a pianist and currently leads two bands, Reconnect and Two Ninety Two. The latter combo released a live album earlier this year, while the former is a quintet playing Roblin's original tunes. They now shine on debut album, Reconnect. There are funky and fusion strains here, and the results are fresh and invigorating. Roblin's piano work dazzles on the solo "Tune For Fraser", dedicated to Roblin's late husband, blues harmonica star Fraser Finlayson, while "Fine And Funky" is just that. A superb effort.

The album is launched at Alliance Francaise in Toronto, Nov. 7, and Reconnect also play Musideum on Dec. 16.