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Release date: 
January 13, 2015
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Reflective Drime

Reflective Drime is the second full-length from Subtle Lip Can, an experimental Montreal-based violin/guitar/percussion trio (a self-titled debut was released on Drip Audio in 2010). A press release calls the album "an esculent for audiophiles. Drime's refined spatial presence is quite palpable to the auditory nerve and as such, has the propensity to induce sporadic moments of subdued synaesthesia." Sounds scary! Cited reference points range from Stravinsky and Morton Feldman to Art Pepper. SLC have already toured Europe twice. Of note is the fact that violinist Joshua Zubot is the brother of noted musician/producer Jesse Zubot (Tanya Tagaq, Zubot and Dawson). A group to pay more than lip service to.