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Release date: 
September 1, 2015
Total songs: 
Jazz, R&B/Soul, International
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Let's face it, Ottawa has never been considered the funkiest city around. It is, however, home to one of our best and funkiest bands, The Souljazz Orchestra. They've been around (and with the same lineup) since 2002, earning international acclaim (and multiple JUNO Award nominations) for a sound that melds elements of African, French Caribbean, and funk styles. Originally a horn-driven instrumental band, Resistance is their first all-vocal album (and seventh in all), and it's a smooth transition. Four different members take on lead vocal chores, adding to the variety. Stylistically, as bandleader Pierre Chretien explains, "we were keen to bring in some of the French Caribbean and francophone West African influences we've loved since our youth". The result is an album perfect for a late-summer patio party. Offer no resistance, just crank it up!

TSO play The All-Canadian Jazz Festival in Port Hope on Sept. 12 and Babylon in Ottawa on Sept. 26 before starting an extensive European tour. More shows in Ontario and Montreal are scheduled after that. For more info, go here