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Release date: 
August 21, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Alternative, Dance/Electronic
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Ride (feat. Icona Pop) - Single

While there are many current contenders for future-pop stardom, alterna-pop songstress Lowell would be one of our top picks. Her singular, rebellious, and left-of-centre approach could top charts, given the opportunity (and there’s a precedent, with the indie radio play and warm critical reception given to last year’s full-length We Loved Her Dearly). While many of us are asking where the "Song of the Summer" is in 2015, she’s responded with a late offering. Her new single “Ride” is a rousing and pro-feminist pop anthem, featuring the similarly-minded Swedish duo Icona Pop (of Girls’ "I Love It" fame). The new exuberant electro-pop banger is an homage to Adeline and Augusta Van Buren – two sisters who became the first women to ride motorcycles across the U.S. in 1916, in an effort to remove the arguments denying women the right to vote.

“ ‘Ride’ is for everyone out there who has been called abrasive for being bold, a rebel for rioting, a shit-disturber for disrupting the status quo, and most of all for all the bad-asses who get called bitchy for being BOSS”, Lowell declared in a press statement. Relevant stuff still, nearly 100 years after the events which inspired the song. Look for this track to take off.