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Release date: 
April 29, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Freight Train Rollin'

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Roadhouse Revelation

David Vest won a 2012 Maple Blues Award for his piano playing, and his skill in both tinkling and pounding the ivories (boogie-woogie style)  is well in evidence on Roadhouse Revelation. The U.S.-born veteran wrote the first songs ever recorded by Tammy Wynette, worked with some blues and country greats back in the day and is now excelling as a solo artist. He possesses a warm and understated vocal style and is also a skilled songwriter. He is superbly backed here by his co-producer/bassist Gary Kendall (Downchild), guitarist Teddy Leonard (Fathead) and drummer Mike Fitzpatrick (Downchild), and the results will please fans of classic blues.