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Release date: 
May 7, 2013
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Hip Hop/Rap
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Rollin' (feat. Stef Lang) - Single

His second single in four weeks, iSH keeps the momentum going after his track "All Fall Down" reached critical acclaim in mid-April. "Rollin' " (feat. Stef Lang) may sound familiar to the ears, and it should as it was featured in the CTV London Olympics and Coca-Cola presents Move to the Beat ad last summer.  Maintaining a positive outlook on life with inspirational lyrics that he has proudly become known for, iSH raps about how to overcome great obstacles and pick one's self up after a fall. Who doesn't love a rapper that invokes such motivation! With over 300,000 views on his YouTube channel, an appearance on pop sensation Dragonette's European tour, and a video featured on MuchMusic, the guy is on a roll.


Nerese Richter