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Release date: 
September 8, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Folk
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Rope of Sand - Single

I wonder if Miranda Mulholland has ever been accused of being a workaholic. As a fiddle virtuoso, she's in demand by groups like Great Lake Swimmers (she'll soon tour the UK with them), and she's active as a solo singer/songwriter (last year's solo debut album, Roaring Girl was a treat). She also runs an expanding indie label, Roaring Girl Records, and they've just signed two new artists, Benjamin Hermann and Patricia O'Callaghan, as well as Belle Starr (a female folk trio in which MM is a member). She somehow found time to record a new solo track, "Rope of Sand", one she describes as a nod to Kate Bush. The compelling tune showcases the purity of MM's voice and is produced in dynamic fashion by Andrew Penner (Sunparlour Players), with whom Mulholland is collaborating on yet another project, Harrow Fair.

Mulholland's first solo tour of the U.S. is set for November, and she'll tour there with Belle Starr next February.