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Release date: 
August 25, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, French
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Cœur de Pirate (real name Beatrice Martin) is already a major international pop star. Her debut self-titled album went diamond in France (500,000 copies+ sold) and was a big hit in Quebec, and just check out these social numbers: 1.135 million Facebook friends, 106k Twitter followers, and an astonishing 12.5 mill YouTube views of the video for 2011 hit "Adieu." The fact that new album Roses is primarily sung in English (7 of 11 tracks) signals an attempt to cross-over more into the rest of North America, and this superb effort deserves to do so. The French-sung numbers will remind you of the pure '60s French pop of Francoise Hardy, but Martin is convincing on all the material here. The lush production work of Björn Yttling (Franz Ferdinand, Lykke Li), Ash Workman and Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey, Anna Calvi) frames her clean and expressive vocals to perfection ("Oceans Brawl" is a fine example), and she comes up with some strong and personal lyrics here too. Some clearly touch upon the end of her highly-publicized romance with Jay Malinowski (the pair collaborated on the Armistice project), though Martin has since married and had a child (more fodder for her lyrics). Everything is indeed coming up Roses here!

Cœur de Pirate plays the Festival de la Poutine in Drummondville on Aug. 29 and the Metropolis in Montreal (part of Pop Montreal) on Sept. 16, followed by an extensive North American tour through October and dates in France, Belgium and Switzerland in Nov. and Dec. Check her site for a full itinerary.