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September 9, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Eyes That Say I Love You
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Royal Canoe Does Beck's Song Reader

When we last heard from Royal Canoe, they were promoting their wildly inventive and (criminally underappreciated) record Today We’re Believers. That album’s constantly winding turns and innovative approach led to favourable comparisons to songwriter Beck. The Winnipeg-six piece obviously sees no problem with this connection being made – they’ve opted to record a not-quite-covers disc tribute, aptly entitled Royal Canoe Does Beck’s Song Reader. A little backstory: back in 2012, Beck decided to release a twenty-track album in an unconventional form – solely as sheet music. An official disc was released featuring contributions from both Jack White and Jack Black, Norah Jones, Jeff Tweedy, and Laura Marling, and now Royal Canoe puts their own spin on seven of the twenty tracks. Some were recorded in the band’s rehearsal space, and others were recorded live when performed at the Pop Nuit, a part of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s New Music Festival. It’s a perfect fit for their eclectic R&B-indie pop style, and serves as a fine tideover until new originals emerge.

The last time this band went on an extensive tour, they were unfortunately robbed of all their gear. Thankfully an IndieGoGo campaign raised the necessary funds to replace the stolen goods within 24 hours. Show your support by catching them on their current fall tour – it kicks off in Clearwater MB for the Harvest Moon Festival on September 13, and plenty of dates are scheduled across the country. Details here