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Release date: 
November 17, 2015
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Play Ruby (Love Thy Brother Remix)

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Ruby (Love Thy Brother Remix) - Single

If the name wasn’t an indication, electro unit Love Thy Brother is an actual sibling musical duo, Conor and Liam Clarke, formerly based in Toronto and now currently residing in Montreal. The pair has made waves digitally remixing popular songs, offering their clever production and rhythmic spin on things (their cover of Banks' "Drowning" is nearing 600k streams on one link and 329k streams on another). Thanks to a push from Hype Machine, their latest offering, a version of fellow Torontonian and R&B smoothtalker Jhyve’s "Ruby", is actually gaining more traction online than the original. Where Jhyve opted for sparse and sultry undertones, the producer bros. push for something more insistent and direct; four-on-the floor beats punctuated by syncopated, arpeggiated guitar lines, ambient synths, and haunting vocal effects. Within a week, their version is nearing 70k streams and climbing on Soundcloud.

While this one isn’t available for purchase yet, you can grab other Love Thy Brother remixes as a free dl here.