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June 4, 2012
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Rustbucket - Single

The straight-up rockers are anything but quiet about their dislike for other music genres, particularly dubstep, stating "we don't give a shit about dubstep" on their Facebook Page. Signed to 604 Records and having already worked with Danny Craig (drummer from Default) on their third album, the new single is a track that could have you thinking that Guns N' Roses and Motley Crue are somehow screaming together in one room. The Vancouver-based group are currently on their summer tour, which kicked off on June 2nd at the Media Club in Vancouver. Not a bad venue to kick it off at, right?

Tour dates mentioned so far include:

Sat June 9 - Kelowna - Doc Willoughby's Downtown Pub
Fri/Sat June 15 & 16 - Victoria - The Cambie Esquimalt
Sat June 30 - Regina - Show & Shine event
Sun July 1 - Moose Jaw - Freedom Fest 2012
Fri/Sat July 13/14 - Saskatoon - Buds on Broadway
Wed July 18 - Calgary - Lord Nelson's Bar & Grill
Thurs July 19 - Salmon Arm - Sturgis North Music Festival
Fri July 20 - Golden - Rockwater Bar & Grill