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Release date: 
September 23, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Railroad Boy

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Sad-Eyed Lonesome Lady

A real buzz has been growing around Sad-Eyed Lonesome Lady, the debut album from young folk singer/songwriter Steph Cameron. The results justify the excitement, as the riveting record signals the arrival of an artist with immense potential. This is folk/roots music at its most pure, rooted solely in Cameron's fluent guitar picking, supple voice and poetic material. Her sound was captured superbly (in just three days!) by producer Joe Dunphy at Revolution Recording. It hearkens back to the folk explosion of the early '60s, yet sounds fresh and relevant. An artist to watch very closely. Cameron starts touring through Ontario with Del Barber on Oct. 16 at London Music Club. Go to http://www.pheromonerecordings.com for dates.