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Release date: 
March 31, 2014
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Alternative
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Salad Days

Throughout his new album Salad Days, Mac DeMarco dispenses advice freely, sort of like a stoned Buddha. “Take it slow brother/Let it go”, he recommends on the leisurely-paced “Brother”. On “Let Her Go”, he wisely tells us “Tell her that you love her/if you really love her”. It might not be life-altering material, but it seems that the merry prankster is growing up a little, or at least toning down the class clown act. He’s also delved into Revolver-era Beatles psychedelia as a sonic template, and it grooves great with his already spaced-out guitar playing. As ridiculous as it sounds, Salad Days is DeMarco's maturation album. Well, almost. With an exponentially growing fanbase, he could have a long career ahead of him if he wants it. There’s plenty of time to record a songwriter’s songwriter record down the line, while he gets the fart jokes and amusing stage antics out of his system now. In his own words, “Go easy”.

Canadian tour dates include stops across Quebec in April and a Toronto show for NXNE in June. Details here