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September 23, 2014
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Metal and hardcore bands in Canada are routinely overlooked by radio and mainstream media, but some of our bands in these genres now have large international followings. One example is Comeback Kid (current Vista Prize nominees) and Obey The Brave is another (in the U.S., they're on prestigious label Epitaph). OTB's 2012 video for "Live and Learn" has notched 1.14 million YouTube hits, and we predict that large audience will be pleased by hard-hitting new second album Salvation. Describing its style, frontman Alex Erian says "It's got a bit more punk rock influence, a bit more hardcore. Deep down, we still have metal elements. We consider ourselves a metalcore band."

As part of a large North American tour, Obey The Brave played Vancouver's Tom Lee Music Hall on Sept. 25, with impending gigs at Toronto's Tattoo on Oct. 8 and Montreal's La Tulipe on Oct. 9. They then tour Europe extensively in November.