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Release date: 
March 4, 2015
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Sarsfest/Blank Flag - Single

Looks like we have another supergroup on our hands. Members of Can-rock fan fave groups METZ (Alex Edkins, bass/back-up vocals), Holy Fuck (Brian Borcherdt, guitar/vocals/beats), and the Constantines (Doug MacGregor, drums) have joined forces as new indie rock trio Lids. The band has announced the release of a 7” vinyl through Telephone Explosion (due March 17) and unveiled both the a-side and b-side on Soundcloud. The knockout bass-driven kickoff track, “Sarsfest”, is about as Canadian as it gets; it’s a reference to the country’s biggest ever-rock concert in 2003, a star-studded benefit organized to help ail Toronto’s economy after the SARS outbreak. B-side “Blank Flag” is even more psychedelic than the single, toying with grooves and beats to create an extended punk-influenced jam track.

Pre-order the disc here. No word yet on Lids live dates.