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Release date: 
March 24, 2015
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Play Saturday Night

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Saturday Night - Single

Elton John told us that Saturday Night was Alright For Fighting, but Vancouver indie rockers Yukon Blonde want us to know that that night is reserved for going out on the town. With their latest energetic single, “Saturday Night”, the band has built a sturdy party jam, expanding on their previously established sonic palette with retro analogue synths, offering one of their best, most immediately effective hooks to date. This is the first taste of an upcoming album (release date and title TBD), their follow-up to the knockout 2012 disc Tiger Talk, and an early promise of an exciting new direction. With engineer/co-producer Colin Stewart (Black Mountain, Dan Mangan, Sleepy Sun) and mixer Tony Hoffer (M83, Beck, Air) lending their talents to the project, expect new Yukon Blonde tracks to be just as glossy as “Saturday Night”.

Hear some of the new tracks live on their spring tour – the only Canadian date is scheduled in Toronto at the Mod Club on April 1, but expect more dates to be announced in support of the new record.