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Release date: 
July 21, 2014
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Saturnalia Regalia!

A myth of a good kind is quickly enveloping Halifax band Monomyth, based around a couple of earlier cassette releases and exciting live shows. That will gain further momentum with sparkling debut album Saturnalia Regalia!, out on still-cool indie label Mint Records. Reference points range from the likes of fellow Haligonians Sloan and Super Friendz to guitar jangle bands such as Big Star and The dBs, while these ears caught a touch of Stone Roses and Brit shoegaze and, on "(theme from) Monomyth", Robyn Hitchcock. They do justice to their influences with well-crafted, dynamic and melodic songs neatly captured at the Echo Chamber studio. An album that repays replays, that's fer sure. Only complaint? It's not long enough!
Monomyth play two LP release shows in Halifax on July 25 (New Khyber and Oasis). By coincidence, a Dutch space/kraut rock band has the same name.