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Release date: 
July 10, 2012
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Search Party

The danceable rock anthems are no less disappointing on the new album from the band that could pass as UK rockers if they wanted that. Just last month Whale Tooth released "Wolves" with an artsy video to match. Search Party presents eight riff-heavy tunes and, as always, a bevy of tingling dark pop rhythms. The band has opened for Mother Mother, been part of Ottawa Bluesfest, is slated to play Edgefest 2012, and has had their music in shows such as The L.A. Complex - versatility is one of their core strengths.  The Toronto group gained momentum after releasing "The Hibernation Song", which mirrors a similar style to fellow Canadian band Hollerado. It's fun music at the base of it all. This is a band you simply need to see live.