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Release date: 
November 2, 2015
Total songs: 
Play Work That Way

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Secret Victory

Things have been moving real fast for new East Coast Celtic/folk trio The East Pointers. They won the 2015 Music P.E.I. New Artist of the Year and Roots Traditional Recording of the Year categories and earned an ECMA nomination for their self-titled 2014 EP, and they have already toured the U.K. and Australia. The group is on a mission, with Tim Chaisson noting "we're hoping to introduce a whole new generation of listeners to the genre." Singer/songwriter Chaisson has impressed with earlier solo albums, and he's joined here by cousin Koady (on banjo) and guitarist Jake Charron. Their debut full-length album, Secret Victory is notching rave reviews, and it comprises ten well-written originals, a mix of vocal and instrumental tunes. All signs point to real success for the group.

The East Pointers play Halifax's the Carleton on Nov. 11, Moncton's Tide and Boar on Nov. 12, Charlottetown's The Mack on Nov. 13, Montreal's Petit Campus on Nov. 15, Lakefield's Canoe & Paddle on Nov. 17, Ottawa's Live on Elgin on Nov. 18, Toronto's Hugh's Room on Nov. 19, London's Music Club on Nov. 20, and Goderich's the Livery on Nov. 21. A British tour begins on Nov. 30, followed by an Australian tour in late December.